Who is Vantage Point?

Leah Wood - Vocals


Leah is one of the original members of Vantage Point. She has loved singing since she was a kid. She participated in the high school choir and then her musical talents were used mainly in the recording studio, where she recorded “hooks” and background vocals for various local artists. Now a seasoned veteran performer who has looks to kill and a voice to thrill! Truly the heart and soul of Vantage Point!

Terry Wood - Guitar, Guitar Synth, Vocals


"Where’s your keyboard player, you ask? Well he’s a gnome hiding inside the guitar of Terry Wood. For those not familiar with a guitar synth, it is a synthesizer that is controlled by the strings of an electric guitar and Terry Wood is one of the FEW that really know how to use it. We call on him for rhythm guitar, saxophone, piano, wind, strings, and even some strange sound effects we don’t know the name of. Aside from the synth, Terry is a very soulful and serious guitar player, since picking it up at age 14. His influences include: Mark Knophler, Carlos Santana, and Stella Artois — that last one is for moral support.

Daniel Standley - Bass

 Daniel has been a musician for many years, playing a variety of different styles. All the way from playing  metal to playing on Sundays at church. Daniel has a heart of gold, passion for days, and the skills of a master. He truly holds us together!

Bill Graham - Drums, Vocals

 Bio Coming Soon!

Lindsay Jones - Electric Violin

 Bio Coming Soon!

Justin Herdzina - Guitars

 Bio Coming Soon!

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